Neekai Nenila – Telugu Comedy Short Film 2016 – By Sujana

Neekai Nenila

Neekai Nenila is a latest Telugu Comedy Short Film released through Short Film Adda. Sai Sujana directed this Telugu Short Film. If you like this latest Telugu Comedy short film, please share it & support it.

Genre: Comedy, Love

Synopsys: A guy who is very determinant in studies want to have a girlfriend. So he searches random girls but nothing works. One day he listens to radio, he was mesmerized with the voice & works in the radio and fells in love with that voice. The rest of the story is the journey between them.

Cast & Crew:
Cast: Praveen Kumar, Hima Bindu, Sowmya, Jeevan, Sanjay, Vamsi Krishna, Ajay Kumar, Surya, Rajesh
Assistant Director: Shaik Khasim
DOP: Jeevan Sanjay.
Editing: Leo9vfx
Music Composer: Pranav Dasarathi
Lyricist / Singer: Sai Sri Ram Sanku
Director: Sujana Sai Sanku

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